Coaching Partnerships

March Edition

What's Happening This Month...

  • SFA has officially begun! While we are NOT connected to the SFA world, we would be happy to help support you in this new initiative. If you need help or ideas of how to make this run more efficiently or better prepare, we are here for you!

  • The next round of Coaching Cycles are beginning. We still have a couple spots left if you would like to sign up, go here ---> Begin Coaching Cycle Adventure!

  • We are continuing to support teachers in their ILC's by co-creating pre/post assessments in Illuminate, unpacking standards to identify performance scales, and modeling instructional practices.
Big picture

ST Math

All of you are using ST Math in your classrooms. There have been varying ideas of what this should look like. Thanks to Stephanie Elder, you know have a few ideas about what the structure of ST Math could look like. Please use this as a resource to help you plan.

ST Math Resources

I would LOVE to begin a coaching cycle with you on how to create flexible groups during ST Math Block. Please sign up if you are interested in planning some things with me. We can create some activities for small group, games, and talk about how to use ST reports to help you decide where to begin.

Question Prompts

Accountability Tracking

ST Math Tracking Sheet (created by Danielle, so it can be edited according to your needs)

Reflection Activities

Teacher Reports and Data

Don't forget about STUDENT VOICE! Here are some ideas you can try in your daily routines..

Traverse Talk


Four Corners

Participation Cards

Save the Last Word for Me

Tutorial Videos <---- Danielle personally LOVES this one!

Number Talks <---- Sign up for coaching cycles for Danielle to come do a talk in your room!

An Example of the "Dump your Brain" Strategy from a 5th Grade Room at Potter!

Upcoming GISD Events

Contact your coaches

Contact Your Coaches


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Tuesday & Thursday: Holmes STEM Academy (Data Room)

Friday AM: Holmes STEM Academy (Data Room)

Friday PM: Potter Elementary (Room E)

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