Essential Oil Rollerball Remedies

Learn about DoTerra & how to blend natural remedies

What are essential oils?

Curious about essential oils? Learn the basics about what essential oils are, how they work, and how to use them.

After we cover the basics, I'll show you the versatility of essential oils with rollerball blends. Can you relate to any of these things?
  • trouble sleeping
  • easily distracted
  • feeling anxious or stressed out
  • being forgetful

DoTerra Rollerball Remedies

Sunday, Jan. 31st, 3:30-5pm

226 Meadow Ln., Springfield, OH

Join us at Lynne Huggins' house at 3:30pm to have fun learning about essential oils.

We will be making DoTerra rollerball blends for trouble sleeping, attention, anxiety & stress and mental clarity. We will make these as a group as we talk about the oils. You can take a rollerball remedy home with you for only $10 (no purchase necessary, but you can buy the blends if you'd like).

Please let Lynne know if you can make it so we have enough materials for everyone.

Paula Gillotti-Independent Wellness Advocate