Everyone's a Genius!

November 2016

You owe it to show it!

Challenge Math

A couple of things are in the works, as QUEST and our wonderful instructional coach are working together to provide some ready-to-go resources for you to use for your kiddos who need some extra challenge.

Math Pentathlon Games

The after-school Math Pentathlon Club is extending an open invitation for teachers to come and see the games in action! This would be on Mondays, right after your duty, in various classrooms, in the fifth grade hall. Let me know what grade level you want to observe, and I'll direct you to that room.

If you are interested in getting more in-depth information, so that you can figure out how this might work in your classroom, let me know, as well. Although we are trying to figure out the best way for this to work in grade level classrooms, getting your input is important.

Math Superstars

For those who have been around LISD a bit, you might remember Math SuperStars. These were engaging challenge math problems that the kids loved! For some reason it was buried, but now some of it is found, and you may want to use it!

Use it however you like, but back in the day, many of us let kids check their own work, with a partner, or with a laminated check sheet. Then they added the number of stars, that they earned, to their charts. It was highly motivating- especially for the 1st-3rd grade kiddos.

For 1st and 2nd Grade- Kim Wissen has found her copies, which I have copied, so come see her, or me to make your own master copies. You can also access the grade level worksheets below, if you have kiddos beyond 2nd grade capabilities.

For 3-5

Here is a link to some Superstar Math worksheets, which includes instructions and the answer sheets.

Genius Hour

Many of us know that "Genius Time" is an engaging way for kiddos get to investigate a topic of their choice. But, how might it be implemented, in the classroom so it is useful, but not a time consuming thing to do? On October 3rd, during our "Choose your own learning" come to Room 507 to be introduced to Genius Time, and brainstorm with me on how it might be used to engage, either your higher learners, or ALL your learners.

PACE Language Arts and Maker Space

Challenge your higher learners by having them work at all levels of Blooms with our school's Maker Space! If you want help in doing this, by integrating it with your curriculum, let me know!

GT or High Performer?

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Dispelling the myth....

QUEST is mainly an INTELLECTUAL program. All kiddos come in by virtue of their intellectual showings, even if they DO NOT have creative evidence. However, If a child shows creativity, but does not have the intellectual evidence, we do not serve them.

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Dates for our Spring Presentations and QUEST Fairs