Why to come to Chewandswallow?

Are you tired of cooking? Do you want a break? We'll you should come visit Chewandswallow! Everyday it will rain 3 times a day. But don't worry it will rain your meals breakfast, lunch and Dinner. All you need to do is get your plates, cups, forks, spoons and knives ready for your meals. Isn't that that way more easier than cooking?! Are you wondering how are you are suppose to know what food you are going to eat! We'll you should check the news. Your taste buds will be jumping with excitement and you will never be disappointed.

Wait so are you wondering where your food is supplied. The sky,the sky supplies all the food you could possibly wish for. It rains things like juice and soup. How awesome is that. It is really rare but sometimes it will rain deserts. YUM!!!

Guess what! If you don't like the food the weather tells you, you can control what food you want on a app called CHEWANDSWALLOW. So you can eat what ever you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

So is your taste buds now jumping in joy? If so come down to chewandswallow. Trust me you would not be disappointed.