Bear Necessities for PAT

January 2019

Please make sure you and your car are prepared for the winter weather. Check to make sure you have the supplies you need in your car for your safety. We have reminded families to clear their steps and turn on the light in the newsletter, but you may need to do so also!

Be safe!


If you haven't submitted your family picture for the bulletin board, it's not too late! You will need to take your copy and put it up on the bulletin board in the hallway right by the kitchen. Let's fill our board with our family pics!

This is what we do

This is the final in the series "Caregiver Coaching". Another amazing video talking about what we do and why we do it. It's only available to non members until February 6th.

Recruitment Hours

The "Recruitment Hours" document has been updated to reflect what has been done on the "Summary Sheet". (It is the first sheet) When you do your recruiting, please update your page and the summary sheet this year. We will keep this sheet for ideas and update from year to year.

Site Fund Codes

Please run your report for site fund codes - ALL families should either be AFF or non-AFF. If you are a Title 1 PE, your site fund code should be Title 1 and then you still need to have the designation for the alternate site fund code as AFF or non-AFF.

This is imperative as this is how we bill for services. There were 187 families that were under the "no code" status.

Please run this report for yourself and fix any errors you find by January 28th:


Go to Reports

Go to "Family List"

Select the following:

Reports - Family Lists

Please select the fields to display, then select criteria to filter

Guardian Fields: Guardian Last, First

Enroll Date

Site/Fund Code

Child Last, First

Home Visitor


At the Bottom of the page it says "Site Fund Codes" Select "No Code"

Select "Get Report"

If you have any families that do not have a code, please fix them by January 25th.

If you have questions on this, please see me.

Affiliate Families - what????

An affiliate family is a family you plan to meet model fidelity with.

All part time pe's should have 3 and full time 6. We want to work towards meeting the following will all affiliate families:

An Affiliate Family is the family that:

  1. Parent educators complete and document a family-centered assessment within 90 days of enrollment and then at least annually thereafter (MAFA)
  2. Child health screening is completed by 7 months of age, or within 90 days of enrollment, and at least annually thereafter.
  3. Child developmental screening takes place for all children within 90 days of enrollment or birth, and then at least annually thereafter.
  4. Parent educators develop and document goals with each family they serve. Families that received at least one personal visit had at least one documented goal during the program year.
  5. Families with one or fewer stressors receive at least 12 personal visits annually and families with two or more stressors receive at least 24 personal visits annually
  6. Parent educators connect families to resources that help them reach their goals and address their needs. Families that received at least one personal visit were connected by their parent educator to at least one community resource in the program year.
  7. Milestone are completed after each visit.

Please look over your families that you have listed as your affiliate families. If you feel you can't make these with the families you have selected, let's talk.

Remember, this is not your highest of high needs families; these are the families that you feel will keep their appointments and you can meet all the requirements.

Parents As Teachers - the beginning....

As we are getting closer to the anniversary of Parents As Teachers, I thought this was a great video showcasing where we started! It still rings true today....

Springfield PAT

I love this video that Springfield Parents As Teachers did to showcase their program.

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Did you know....

Free Anti-Tip Straps

Did you know Crowley Furniture offers free anti-tip straps to our community so families can keep their little ones safe by anchoring heavy furniture to the wall? Stop by their Lee's Summit location in Summit Woods Crossing (next to Target), or any of their locations in the Kansas City area.

We can not publicize this, but you are welcome to share this information with your families verbally.

Teresa's Retirement

Thursday, Jan. 24th, 4:30pm

235 Southeast Main Street

Lee's Summit, MO

Just a reminder that you are invited to a gathering for Teresa's retirement. We will have cake and a gift for her. Please feel free to stop by and wish her well.