Samuel de Champlain

Read to discover Champlain's journey in parts of canada

Early Life

Samuel de Champlain was born on 1567 in Brouage and when he was a young man,his uncle and father were captains so that made him want to become an explorer navigator and mapmaker.

Life as a soldier

When Champlain was a young man a war was being fought in France.Champlain fought on the Catholics side.As a soldier,Champlain learned a great deal about survival.These survival skills would be useful when he became an explorer.In 1598, Champlain was ready to take his first voyage to Spain.

The first colony in canada

king Henry IV of France sent Champlain on a trip to explore Canada. Champlain left France with three ships on march 15,1603.When Champlain returned to France from his voyage,the king decided to send more people to Canada to start a colony .saint croix island turned out to be a bad place for a colony.Many colonists died because a disease called scury.


On July 3,1608,Champlain and 28 colonists started building a shelter . It started getting very cold and only 8 colonists survived with Champlain

Exploring canada

Champlain's life in Canada was full of adventure. In 1610, he won an other battle against the Iroquois. In 1613, Champlain went up the Ottowa river by canoe for fur trade.

The great lakes

In 1615 the hurons asked Champlain to fight the Iroquas again.The war partly crossed the great lakes in new York state. Champlain was hurt by an arrow during the battle.

Champlain's final years

In 1635 Champlain dies in Quebec on Christmas day.
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