Dog-Ears: April 2015

Slackwood' s Literacy Newsletter

Save the Date for our next Family Literacy Night on May 1st!

What IS Family Literacy Night?

We hold several Family Literacy Nights each year to help families foster a love of reading with their children. Our focus for each session is different but always centers upon helping to build lifelong readers and learners! We aim to help families connect through the joy of literacy. Our warm and welcoming sessions also provide parents with resources geared toward your child's interests and age. Please consider coming and learning, sharing and exploring more about your child's reading habits and how you can help them grow!

Gearing Up for a Summer FULL of Reading!

During the summer months many of us are busy enjoying family time and carefree days. We want to make sure the hard work and great joy that your young readers have enjoyed all year do not fade in the sun! We are here to help you and your child ensure continued success all year long!

We hope that you make the time to come and check out our very important Family Literacy Night. We will dig into resources to encourage lifelong reading habits!

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Cheers for Reading Aloud!

Reading Aloud is one of my favorite times of the school day. The kids always look forward to it and I can see the look on their faces as they get lost in the magic that happens as you hear a great tale. Lately, I have heard the kids using sophisticated language with each other that is a direct result of being read aloud to from beautifully written and deeply rich chapter books. Let's make sure that the enjoyment of the read aloud is shared as a family over the summer! Have you considered a family book club? It doesn't have to be fancy! Choosing a great book to read together each night and then talking about it over dinner is simple, fun and just plain good.

You don't have to struggle to find great resources, either- Here is a great site to help you get started!

Thanks for Checking Out Dog-Ears! Mrs. Wallauer & Mrs. Kapp