Destanie Spencer

Free Trader

Free Traders think international trade should occur without any barriers. They believe the competition strengthens the newer businesses.International trade allows for specialization, so lower prices and better quality. In a war, we need to trade with the country that makes a product the best.


Protectionists believe that as much as possible should be made domestically. New businesses should be able to grow and become more efficient without the international competition, so we believe there should be a temporary tariff. We believe free trade makes less jobs available because of competition with nations that have lower wages. We believe that we should make basic important things (oil, airplanes, etc.) in case we are unable to trade with other nations.


A standard is a "rule" that must be met by goods imported into a nation. This increases the quality of goods imported.


A subsidy occurs when the government gives money to a business owner, farmer, etc. This encourages goods to be made domestically.