Friday Flash Forward

Focusing on the Future - November 17th to November 21st


Monday, November 17th

  • B Day
  • Student Appreciation Week Starts Today!!!
  • Virtual Faculty Meeting - From the computer in your room, click on the link that was emailed to you Sunday night to learn more about PARCC and practice some of the student tests. Be sure you complete the form and submit it before you leave at 2:21. This is the way that we will take attendance.

Tuesday, November 18th

  • A Day
  • Periods 3 and 4 MET visits Villa Nova for 8th graders
  • 1:51 CPT

Wednesday, November 19th

  • B Day
  • Dental Express Exams
  • Periods 3 and 4 MET visits Hamlet for 8th graders
  • 1:51 TDT

Thursday, November 20th

  • A Day

Friday, November 21st

  • B Day

Upcoming Schedule of Events:

Monday, November 24th

  • A Day
  • 1:51 Individual Faculty Meetings - Room 124

Tuesday, November 25th

  • B Day
  • 1:51 Subject Area Meetings
  • Science Curriculum PD meeting

Wednesday, November 26th

  • A Day
  • Dental Express Exams
  • Teams 8-1 and 8-4 field trip
  • 1:51 TDT

Thursday, November 27th

  • No School - Thanksgiving Recess

Friday, November 28th

  • No School - Thanksgiving Recess

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WMS Student Appreciation Week STARTS MONDAY

Join the Administration Team in appreciating our students. By the end of the day Friday, you will have a sheet of 6 color thank you cards in your mailboxes. Please choose 6 students to give these cards to and write on the back why you are thankful for them. Also if each team of teachers could choose 6 different ones so that we have 24 different students getting a card that would be great.

Other Ways to Show Student Appreciation throughout the Week:

  • Different student each day gets to sit in the teacher chair at the student's desk
  • Have no homework all week
  • Post signs of appreciation around your area halls and on your classroom walls
  • One guest speaker aka teacher a day during morning announcements who states why he/she is grateful for students
  • Have raffles (any ideas of free things to raffle off? Let us know.)
  • Begin each class by telling students one to two things you appreciate about them
  • Make a teacher poster that finishes the sentence, I appreciate my students because . . .

Join us in celebrating our students!

#ParentCampRI - Tomorrow from 8 am to 12:30 pm

Earn 4 hours of PD by attending the first ever #ParentCampRI. Check it out and register HERE. For more information visit It will be some of the best four hours of PD you have ever attended.