Charles Lindbergh

By : Miles Loneman

Who was

When Charles was sixteen he rode his motorcycle up and down the road. Charles Lindbergh was born on February 4 1902. Charles died in 1974 age 72. In 1929 Charles and Anne got married. For Charles and Anne’s honey moon they flew there plane to China and wrecked it in a pond. Anne had a kid and name it Charles Jr . Charles .Jr was kidnapped and killed with a Tommy gun.

What did he do

He was in a company that bought airplanes, fixed them up, and sold them. Charles also in 1922 left Minnesota and went to Lincoln, Nebraska to work with air crafts. At seven thirty am, Charles saw fishermen and almost hit him on the way to Paris.

Impact on the world

In St. Louis people crowded around the Forest Park to celebrate the local hero. Who did the impossible. Charles Lindbergh just did the impossible by flying across the Atlantic Ocean all by himself at 20 years old.

Fun fact

Charles has been awake about fifty hours strait during his flight and was getting tired .When Charles was 19 years old he was doing air mail and he crashed his plane more than once .As Charles was taking off for the big flight and he could barely get that 5,000 pound plane in the air in time to get over the phone line in time, but he did make it. When Charles was flying over Paris he could see the beautiful night lights .Back in st. Louis there was a man
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