Flight Attendant

Translating in the Air

Job Description

Flight attendants have a big responsibility on planes. They make sure the passengers are safe and comfortable during their flight.

Travel, Danger, and Advantages

Flight Attendants travel with the plane to each destination. Flight Attendants can be pushed around by passengers, get injured by severe air turbulence, or become a fatality in a crash. An advantage of being a flight attendant is that you get to see world with no expense.


Most employers like to see flight attendants with a college degree. But, a high school diploma is minimal education required.

Depending on what company you want to be apart of, the company will provide you with training facilities. For example, if you want to work for delta airlines they will equip you with in-flight training services.

Also, knowing a foreign language is useful since many flyers can be from different countries.


A starting salary of a flight attendant is $18,000 per year. The median wage in the country is $65,600 a year.