Samurai and Bushido

Maddie Pfafman


A new class of military servants called Samurai (those who serve). The Samurai fought on horseback with a helmet and armor, they carried a sword and a bow and arrow. They were expected to live by the warrior code. The code was known as Bushido (the way of the warrior)


It affected culture because before that there was not military. not only was there no military but for the people who did fight for something there was no code for them to follow. Now they had to follow a very strict code.


I brought myself to become a Samurai because I know that they need me and how much just one person can contribute. I also needed the money because my family is barley making it by at home. I get up in the morning to train and learn the new skills I need. They are going to move me off to a camp so I have less distractions. But those distractions include my family. I I can't wait for us to get back on our feet so that I can come home and back to my family I love.