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The path to my dream job

What they do

A veterinarian practitioner is a professional Veterinarian with exceptional knowledge on a specific area in Medical practice. They provide patients with there exceptional knowledge,providing you with the best help there is to offer. (they study veterinarian medicine, They treat disease disorder injuries and much more)

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Steps to Becoming a Veterinarian

Being a vet requires more than loving animals

Thinking about becoming a veterinarian


I have been interested in animals and there well being since i could walk.

I Currently care for 2 leopard geckos 2 birds one fish a dog and a goat

I've had many previous pets and i am sure there are more to come.

Although I love animals almost more than humans sometimes,

Loving animals is just a small role in becoming a veterinarian.

I choose this as my "dream job" not only because it provides a secure financial base, but also because i would be fulfilling my passion to love and care for animals of all kinds.

There are many types of veterinarians

  • Zoological medicine
  • dermatology
  • Behavioral
  • animal welfare
  • veterinarian practitioners
there are many different types of Veterinarian practitioners have multiple jobs

  • Avian practice
  • canine/feline practice
  • reptile and amphibians practice
  • and exotic companions practices
Just to name a few If you have any questions about these jobs id be happy to answer them


Becoming a veterinarian practitioner is not a walk in the park.

on top of the minimum of 6 years of school to become a well respected veterinarian.

You have to take on extra exams studies witch will be a difficult process. This is just what you need to be possibly considered a certified veterinarian practitioner.(to simplify it)

My plan to pursue my job is to start volunteering at animal clinics or shelters.Witch i will start this summer because that looks very good on a college application. I will take on as many excelled and optional classes both in the summer and school year. I will also be continuing with some extra curricular to get as many scholarships as possible. After all the average cost of vet school is 63,000 $ its always good to have the help of scholarships.

Most importantly i will work, very hard to pursue my career. After all you have to work for what you want


You do not just go to college then become a veterinarian.

I will become a veterinarian practitioner after i get my doctor of medicine degree ( DVM ) and my bachelors degree. I will also need a licence by passing the state board examination and specializations in some areas of practice such as

  • Avian practice
  • canine/feline practice
  • reptile and amphibians practice
  • and exotic companions practices