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Each month of the school year, parents will receive helpful tips, strategies, activities and resources to support children at home. Family and school can work together to improve children's social emotional learning skills. These skills lead to school and life success. The we@sel flyer is an easy read on smartphones and tablets. When parents are engaged and teachers supported, kids are better able to learn. It feels like fall out there!
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Good Morning Song | Circle Time Song for Children

Helping Children Learn

Help your child get off to a good start this year as an active learner

While your child is a student, learning is his job. To do it well, he has to be an active learner—a student who takes action instead of just listening.

The more involved he is in his education, the more he’ll enjoy learning— and the better he’ll do. To help your child be an active learner this school year, make sure he:

  • Arrives prepared. It’s not enough show up for school. It’s also important to get a good night’s sleep, eat a nutritious breakfast, and bring necessities. Doingt hese things will help your child pay attention and succeed in class.
  • Participates in discussions. Your child should ask questions, make comments and exchange ideas with others. It’s especially useful for your child to ask questions when some- thing is confusing to him. Teachers encourage and appreciate this.
  • Stays organized. Help your child create a system for organizing papers, assignments and other materials. Also have him collect a few classmates’ phone numbers. If he’s forgotten the homework assignment, he’ll have someone to call for it.
  • Is persistent. School can be tough,and doing well takes work.Support your child as he tackles assignments and reviews for tests. Make sure that he sets aside time to study daily, and remind your child often that his efforts will pay off!
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If you are worried at all about your child's mental health, great resources below

Local Resources for Parents

Parents Support Society Prince George


Services for Children, Youth and Families in Northern B.C.


Elizabeth Fry Society - assisting women, children and youth


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