Trade Show Advertising Promotions

Making it effective for your business

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7 Steps on How to Do Professional Trade Show Advertising

To carry off a professional trade show advertising campaign, all you need is a good strategy to follow. A 7 step plan that can be put into good action will help you target your audience and achieve your goals and objectives. This 7 step plan is a sure way that you have things under control and are ready to promote your business.

1. Pre-show promotional strategy – to let people know you have to carry out some publicity work. Send out personal invitations, advertise in the local media, use PR, get featured on websites and make sponsorships.

2. On-site promotions – to highlight yourself at and around your show advertise on billboards, on hotels, near airports and other places in the vicinity.

3. Media management – connecting to the media and getting editorial coverage is a great thing. Think about making a positive newsworthy item and get the reporters talking about. Do press releases or press conferences to attract the attention of the media.

4. Organizing competition – a competition is always a mouth watering prospect for visitors especially when there are good prizes involved. Make sure that people know what type of a competition it is, what the prizes are, rules and regulations, duration of the competition and other factors. This is a great aspect of trade show advertising.

5. Free giveaways – nothing entices people more than getting free items. Freebies are a great way to show your company’s brand and make people remember you and your business. But it should be remembered that useless stuff and toys are not to be given as freebies.

6. Planning for hospitality – this is reserved for the audience if they are from different cultural backgrounds. It will help promote the brand on a global basis.

7. Final details – the last but not the least part of good trade show advertising is keeping the details in mind. A final checking of everything will help clear out errors.