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November 16, 2020

IMPORTANT National Leadership Champion Conference Decision:

As you may already be aware, SkillsUSA's national office recently announced that SkillsUSA's 2021 National Leadership and Skills Conference and SkillsUSA Championships — previously scheduled for June 21-25 in Atlanta — will be held virtually, with localized hands-on elements for select competitions.

While we're all disappointed by this news, it was not entirely unexpected, and SkillsUSA has made it clear that the virtual conference being planned will be an exciting, engaging and inspiring event that members and partners alike will be proud to be a part of. Even more encouraging is the news that ALL of the SkillsUSA Championships competitions will be conducted (virtually), and national bronze, silver and gold medalists will be named as in years past. National officers will also be elected.

The main factors behind SkillsUSA's decision were as follows:

· Concern for the health and safety of members and stakeholders

· Travel and budgetary restrictions affecting the ability of state SkillsUSA associations to attend.

· Inability of national staff and state directors to visit Atlanta so they could adequately prepare for the event. (This was to be the first year in Atlanta for the NLSC, so these visits were especially important.)

· Inability of many partners and exhibitors to attend an in-person event.

For more details on these reasons and what's currently being planned, including a video version of the announcement from executive director Chelle Travis and SkillsUSA board president Sam Bottum of Snap-on Incorporated, please visit the national conference web page at nlsc.skillsusa.org.

As for SkillsUSA -Michigan, we stand with the national organization in our commitment to hold an engaging, inspiring state leadership and skills conference that's worthy not just of our own proud traditions, but of your invaluable work and our students' hard-fought dreams and aspirations. I hope you’ll all stand with us as we take on this challenge to provide a state conference that's full of opportunities for leadership development and rigorous competition.

As for the format of the event and how you can best prepare for it, we will be providing you with more specific details in January. In the meantime, we'll be working closely with the national headquarters as they finalize their own details and procedures that we'll need to know as we shape our own events.

We do know that the guidelines for all competitions have already been revised to reflect the virtual nature of the event. These are currently available as a free download to all SkillsUSA professional members at absorb.skillsusa.org. (If you have any questions about obtaining them, please don’t hesitate to reach out.)

We also know that many of SkillsUSA's biggest partners will be heavily involved in the national conference, and a national medal will still unlock the same opportunities it always has, just as medals won in our state competitions open their own doorways to life-changing career and educational opportunities.

Beyond the competitions, the national conference will also offer a variety of leadership and professional development opportunities, like Chapter Excellence Program and Models of Excellence recognition, delegate sessions, national officer elections, partner connections via SkillsUSA TECHSPO, SkillsUSA University for teachers and more. It’s an event we’ll want as many of our students as possible to participate in, which makes it even more imperative that we plan and hold a successful state conference of our own. We can’t do that without your help and support.

While we’d all prefer to return to in-person events immediately (and that day is coming soon), our current reality requires us to tap into our resilient nature once again and provide the best possible experience for the students we serve. This pandemic has taken enough opportunities from our students, and we won’t let it stop us from carrying out SkillsUSA’s mission in the form of a successful state event that we can all be proud of. We owe it to our students. We owe it to each other.

Thanks so much for the selfless, invaluable and life-changing work you continue to do. Look for more information soon, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

ELEVATE Chapter Officer Development Conference

-Date: Friday, November 20, 2020
-Time: 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Advisors (who had students signed up) should have received an email from national office with detailed information. *Accessing the Conference: Click Here for CONNECT Access Guide

Pour the IndusTEA - Student Engagement Opportunity

Wednesday, November 18 at 2 p.m. (EST), SkillsUSA will be hosting Pour The IndusTEA - a panel discussion specific to the career clusters that SkillsUSA serves. Pour The IndusTEA page in SkillsUSA CONNECT.

Database & Advisor Information

Please continue to send in your updated Advisor Information. We are continuing work to update our database. We need an update from every advisor this year so we can ensure our database is accurate. Thank you for understanding that this can take some time. Please continue to send in your updated forms and Advisor Code of Ethics.

If you did not recieve a form in the mail, you can find the forms here:



Intent to Compete

Forms were due Oct. 31 – If you have not sent in your info, please do so ASAP! This information is important to help us plan our regional and state conferences and contest plans.

Form link:


Technical Committee

We intend to hold regional and state contests (even if they are virtual). We are starting the planning process to make this happen.

-All Regional Contest Coordinators – We hosted a zoom meeting on Nov. 10th. Regional Representatives have been sent a google folder link to the information shared. If you have not received this info, please reach out to your regional rep.: https://miskillsusa.org/advisorcouncil/

We are also collecting Regional and State Contest Coordinator contact information. Please follow this link: https://forms.gle/KzDxk2g868iAyutH6

-All Tech Committee Members - We are holding an introductory State Contest Tech Committee Meeting in December 3rd at 3pm and a follow up meeting in January. Watch for an email from me in the near future.

-All Lead Advisors - we will be holding a State-wide meeting to discuss regional and state contests in Mid-January. Watch for an email from me in the near future.

State Officer Chapter Visits

Interested in having a state officer (virtually) visit your chapter officers and help them prepare for Program of Work and/or Framework and / or help to promote SkillsUSA

Sign up link: https://forms.gle/LjE2Z8xnSRU5jxag8


Our final membership deadline is Jan. 15th Sign up now at register.skillsusa.org Member benefits are exciting this year!


It’s that time of year when advisors and students are joining SkillsUSA. The SkillsUSA Customer Care Team is just a call or click away to help with registration, answer questions or share ideas to strengthen chapters.

Reach the team at 844-875-4557 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday (EST). You can use the online chat feature or send an email to: customercare@skillsusa.org.

Have a wonderful week!

Carrie Warning

Director, SkillsUSA Michigan



Call office: 734-487-3888

Text GV: 734-985-0270

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