The Holocaust

Gil Matondo Academic 3

Have you ever heard about happened the Holocaust? Millions of Jews died during the Holocaust because of the Nazis.Holocaust is a Greek word meaning sacrifice by Fire.During World War 2 the Nazis murdered or killed 6 million Jews.The holocaust was a dark time for anyone who was living in it.

Before the holocaust the Jews population in Europe was about nine million.Most Jews lived in countries were the Nazis were going to take over during World War 2.In the article Introduction to the Holocaust it says,"most jews got killed because they were living in places where the Nazis took over."It was not just Jews getting killed.They also killed Soviet Prisoners.Which basically means that if you weren't like Germany they were going to kill you.The Nazis were cruel, reckless, and mean and they would kill anybody that wasn't like them.

During the holocaust Nazis killed millions of Jews and anybody that wasn't like them.Over 6 millions Jews died during World War 2.Nazis killed anybody that wasn't like them like Jews,and Soviet Soldiers.The holocaust was the worst time in Jewish history,but even to this day the Jewish civilization still lives on today,