Matapu School Newsletter

Term 3, Week 5, 26th August 2022

Calendar - Please note some new dates added & further information for events will be sent home closer to the date if required.

  • Wednesday 31st August - Year 7-8 Hurlstone Cup- Netball and Mcleod Shield - Rugby
  • Friday 9th September - School Cross Country
  • Monday 19th September - Kissick Eraio Tournament
  • Monday 19th September - BOT Meeting, 5:30pm
  • Friday 23rd September - Grandparent's Day

Principal's Weekly Update

RAISE Goal: to make an effort to try new things

Te reo phrase of the week: horoi o ringaringa (wash your hands)

Kia ora,

As we approach the halfway point in the term, it’s important to celebrate all of the wonderful things taking place in our school community. The classrooms are a buzz with Aumangea Taima (Makerspace Projects) going on. Designing, hammering, gluing, and building are all common place within our classroom environments and the students are loving it! Room 3 even has a new guest in their room, which has helped them gain an understanding about how real armour functions!

Of particular note this week was Rebecca Van Den Brand and Mel Goble’s community spirit. The breakfast that they held on Wednesday morning was fantastic and to pay for all of the ingredients themselves was amazing. We know that you are all super busy at the moment so to have an event that brings everyone together was great.

School Policy Review

As part of our school’s commitment to self-review, the following policies are currently under review:

  • Student Well-being and Safety

  • Staff Well-being and Safety

Please login to our school’s School Docs account to complete reviews of these policies.

Matapu School’s login details are as follows:


Username: Matapu

Password: lifelonglearning

Matapu History Fact

Hastings Road was once an ancient walking track called Aurara, which was used by local Maori.

As of today we currently have no Covid cases within our student population.

Kia pai to wiki (have a wonderful weekend).

Ngå mihi nui

James Willson

School Notices

Values Awards

Room 1 - Hudson for the outstanding effort you put into everything you do.

Room 2 - Andie (absent) for Integrity, totally reliable and responsible!

Room 3 - Leah for making a fantastic effort to understand the structure of a recount.

Room 4 - Indy for ambition and effort with all your class work this week!

Room 5 - Sophie for showing integrity and always doing the right thing!

Room 6 - Stanley for great progress in all areas of literacy, you are trying hard to write and read sounds and your handwriting has really improved!


E tio te tui, e ketekete te kaka, e korihi te kokako.

It takes many instruments to make a symphony.

There is strength in diversity.

Hawera Touch Module

Reminder - Can all touch fees please be paid by Friday 2nd September so that teams can be confirmed.

Room 1

Room One was abuzz with activity yesterday as we took a break from our Maker Projects and completed our flowers for Daffodil Day. Thank you for supporting your child and sending along a donation for Daffodil day. It's a great time to reflect on all we have achieved in the past year, remembering that last year we had Daffodil Day during a lockdown and learning from home.


In maths this week we have been learning how to find the circumference and area of a circle. We now know that:

Pi = 3.14

Circumference = Diameter x pi OR 2 x pi x r

Area = pi x Radius ²

If you wanted to help at home you could work through some problems with your child. Please keep the radius/diameter under 20 or it just gets a bit tricky.

Room 2

This week we have been focusing on re-hashing common fairytales - with the traditional 'villain' becoming the 'goodie'. It has been so entertaining! I am continually amazed at how imaginative children can be! We now have the Big Bad wolf from 3 Little Pigs - well, he has Covid and didn't mean to sneeze; the Troll under the bridge for the 3 Billy Goats - well, he was a Daddy Troll and had lots of troll babies who were trying to sleep and he was sick and tired of goats stomping on his roof! Standard units of weight have been the focus for some of our younger class members so we have been weighing schoolbags, books etc.

The weather has slightly improved which has been a blessing for everyone. Roll on summer!

Room 3

We have a very special visitor in Room 3! Isn't he magnificent!!! We are making our own suit of armour in our class for Aumangea Taima and what would help more than a real suit of armour! A huge thank you to the Espin family for providing a real suit from Spain! You are all welcome to come and have a look!

Room 4

The children have been creating instruments this week using plastic containers and bottles, cardboard boxes, tins and various other items. The challenge was to create an instrument that can make at least 2 pitches of sound. Our focus for maths has been to create and undertake our own surveys of Room four’s favourite things. We will graph and share our data next week.

Room 5

This week Room 5 made pinwheels for Daffodil Day. They had to paint, cut and glue them together. They look so bright and colourful!

On Tuesday, Room 4, 5 and 6 were lucky enough to get a visit from New Zealand Author Kyle Mewburn. She told us about how she became a writer and shared some of her well known stories with us.

Room 6

It has been an interesting and varied week for Room 6 with some new experiences!

On Monday we worked with a partner to try a simple coding activity on Seesaw. We had to follow 4 steps to create a troll that looked like the one we were shown. There were lots of opportunities to share, take turns and offer coaching and advice to each other. We continued with this on Wednesday and tried hard to follow the steps shown in the algorithm. Some of the trolls look pretty good!

On Tuesday the Junior Team were really lucky to have a visit from Kyle Mewburn, a wonderful New Zealand author who writes books for children filled with rich language, lots of rhyme and plenty of strong messages. For our early writers it is fantastic to see what is possible, and where all the learning can lead them!

On Wednesday we worked really creatively to make a special gift to take home for Daffodil Day. Our vases of daffodils are spectacular and it was lovely to keep them on the windowsill to brighten the classroom before they went home!

We managed to fit some work in around all this, and also continued our cross country training. The bonus for the week was a bit of fine weather to enable outside play…long may it last!

Community Notices


Print Ready - Amanda Sherman, CMK Hawera, Shurr & Ireland Acocuntants, Mark Joblin Concept & Construction Ltd, Sanfords Rural Carriers, Taranaki By-Products, McDonald Real Estate, Eltham Vet Services, ANZCO, Power Farming, Corrigan Electrical, Matapu Bulk Transport, CRV Ambreed, FMG, Mack Transport, Blastways, Nevada, Ballance, Todd Energy, & BCCL (Burgess Crowley Civil Limited) Carrfields Livestock, Rosemount Charolais - Dairy Bull Specialists, PGG Wrightson Livestock, Jack Gray Ltd, Bruce Parry Livestock, Kelsen's Glass & Glazing, Tommo's Tyres Ltd, Chris Perrett Electrical Solutions, Holdem Contracting Ltd, STE (South Taranaki Electrical), Kaponga Four Square, MG Taranaki, JP Refrigeration, Melza’s Customs, Monkeytoe, SepticWorks Limited, FMG.