Final Exams for 2019 Summer School

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If you are going to be giving a district assessment (DA)

Please verify that your S3 rosters are correct in Schoolnet. If they are not, please let your AP know so that we can ensure all students are showing. We want to make sure all students are able to take their finals on the given day so that they do not have to come back at a later date.

In SchoolNet, your summer school courses will be labeled with "S3."

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Teachers will need to create final exams for the ESOL courses listed below:

  • Academic Language of Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • Communication Skills I
  • ESOL I Language
  • ESOL II and III
  • Intro to Business Tech
  • Lang Dev Content 2

For all other courses, final exams will consist of District Assessments (DAs) and local final exams (attached below)

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PE (Key Attached)

AMDM- Semester 1 & 2

Environmental Science - Semester 1 & 2 (Final Review & Final Exams)

Political Systems