Natural Disasters

Preparing and recovering

Recovering from a disaster

  • Avoid running water
  • Avoid areas where water has receded
  • Discard food that may have been contaminated
  • Check sewage, if damaged they can be very dangerous.

preparing for a tornado

  • have a plan /location
  • know how your community will give the warning
  • know all exits and escape routes for when its over
  • have a radio that is powered by batteries

getting back up and running

  • you can get a grant from the Public Assistance Program
  • they will grant you money to help you get back on your feet


I chose to do my research on natural disasters and how you can prepare and recover from them. I chose this topic because i feel like these are pretty important things to know for when a natural disaster comes your way. Not everyone knows what to do if a tornado comes and you don't have a basement to hide in, or when a storm comes how early they need to evacuate or where to evacuate. This topic also interest me because in the future I plan on joining the Desoto Rural Fire Department with my father. I will need to know what to do in these situations so i know what advice to give to people when these disasters occur. Natural disasters occur every year around the world, they could happen any day without you expecting it. Water rising fairly quickly and can be at your door steps within an hour, before you have the chance to save anything in your house. I've learned things from this that i thought i had a good idea of but i really only knew a little.

I’ve learned about how to save your house from a storm. You can stack sandbags around the foundation to hold the water back as much as possible. Also learned what utilities you should bring in certain situations. Like if there is a tornado, two important things to bring is a flashlight and a battery powered radio. The flashlight if to see incase the power goes out. The radio is to listen to the warning and location of the tornado so you know when it is safe to come back out.