Staff Development Snippets

Updates and Opportunities for Professional Learning

September 2013

Welcome to Staff Development Snippets, a monthly newsletter with information just for YOU! Every month, I will provide you with a smattering of staff development opportunities: professional reading, resources for your classroom, as well as information and updates related to Curriculum 2.0. If you have suggestions for information you would like to see, please let me know!

Online Tools for Teachers

  • Three Ring - an online portfolio (or the digital version of a three ring binder). Capture images, organize, share, and assess all in one online resource.

  • Popplet - Brainstorm ideas, create mindmaps, share, and collaborate with your students

Professional Organizations

Professional organizations offer opportunities to build your capacity in a specific content area. Many times, part of your membership fee includes a professional journal subscription. Professional journals typically provide research and practical lessons you can immediately apply in your classroom. You can also find membership forms for some of these on the bulletin board in the Staff Development Room. Consider joining one today!