My Health Triangle!

Dominique Celayo

What do you hope to accomplish during high school?

  • During high school i want to accomplish public speaking because that is still a little difficult for me. Graduation would also be a big accomplishment.

What do you see yourself doing after high school?

  • After high school, i plan to go to college to obtain my B.A. and B.S. degree. After i do that, i want to start my Forensic Science career.

What do you hope your life will be like in your 20's?

  • During my 20's, i see myself traveling the world and just enjoying life, maybe even with a family... MAYBE

3 things you could do to improve your health

  • Drink more water - soda is so bad for you and slows down your performance in activities, sports, etc.
  • Eat healthier - i want to live longer!
  • Meditation - it's good to take a deep breath once in awhile because lots of stress is bad on your health.

At home i like to..

  • When i'm at home i like to play video games, go out with friends and play basketball.

At school i like to..

  • When i'm at SGP i like to swim, but when i'm at Dubiski i like to pay attention and get my work done.

People i like to hangout with...

  • I hang out with friends I've known since elementary school. Others i hang out with are the ones i can be myself around, that i'm comfortable with.

I am good at...

  • i found out this past year that i am really good at swimming (competitively). I guess you could say it's my passion.

A quality i like about myself & that I'd like to change

  • 1 quality i like about myself is my smile, it always gets compliments. Something i'd like to change is my height, i wish i was just a little taller.

Something new i'd like to try

  • I would love to try skydiving, i just need to get over my fear of heights first!

What do you feel like are positive and negatives on your health today?

  • Some positives would be that i am in a sport, i drink water (not as much as i'd like to, and i spend free time outside rather than in.
  • Some negatives would be that i don't drink enough water and play video games pretty often.