the classroom in the cloud

The CommonLearn Concept

CommonLearn will be a ‘classroom in the cloud’. It will be a virtual platform that will offer a full gamut of functionality and services to enable anyone with an internet connection to set up and run a class, a course, a presentation, a module, even a whole ‘school’ online. It will facilitate safe online interaction on the basis of one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, and will cope with groups of 2 just as easily as groups of 200,000. Critically, it will be pedagogically neutral, and it will not carry its own content (although it will almost certainly partner with as wide a range of content providers as possible). This means that anyone using CommonLearn will be able to use it in the context of any teaching or learning methodology, from traditional teacher-lecturing at one end of the pedagogical continuum to, at the other end of the continuum, a completely self-organizing, distributed learning and collaborative session in which everyone teaches and everyone learns.

CommonLearn will not impose any particular pedagogy on users. Being content-free, users will be able to bring whatever content they wish into their sessions. CommonLearn will provide the platform for collaboration, exploration, teaching, learning, sharing, presenting and creating, and will be a service delivered from the cloud to the user anywhere in the world on any connected device, whether a desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other handheld device.

Asking for your comments and views:

  • On the basis of the short description of CommonLearn above as well as the more detailed description attached, I would like to get your thoughts and feedback on the concept, including, amongst other questions:
    • is the concept one that you believe would be useful? do you think it could be a viable concept? if not, what are the barriers to be overcome?
    • what do you see as the major advantages and benefits of such a concept if it were to become a reality?
    • what do you see as its major shortcomings?
    • what other functions and services should be considered for such a platform?
    • what, if any, online services are currently being used in your country? how are they being used? how could they be improved?
    • do you know of any existing online services that fulfil all or part of the CommonLearn definition already?
    • any other issues or questions that come to mind around the concept of CommonLearn as it is currently describd here.