Educational and Professional

Educational Requirment

Middle School education

  • Have a bachelor degree from accredited
  • Pass basic skills and subject matter exams
  • Complete approved teacher education program

University of Oregon

Location-Eugene Oregon

Info about city-There is arts culture and is Oregon second largest city.

Fun things to do: Biking, Hiking, Jogging.

Information about college

Student-teaher ratio-19:1

Cost per year-1,800

Ohio State University


Info about the city-Call themselves the Ohioans, nation industrial leaders

Fun things to do- Rock and Roll hall of fame, Pro Football Hall of fame,

Information about college-

Student/Teacher ratio- 19-1

Cost per year: 26,537

Michigan State University

Location- East Lansing Michigan

Info about city-Farming is a major industries.

Fun things to do- Synchronized musical fountain, Gilmore car museum.

Information about college-

Student-teacher ratio 4-1

Cost per year 35,026