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Job Description

An animator is a person who create series of images that is form into the animation that you see in commercial, television programs, or video games, for examples Sponge-bob, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo and bring them to life. An animator usually work in one of theses media, or a specific area such a character, scenery, or background. Animators usually use computer software to do their work and they often work together as a team on certain projects. They tend to work in 2D animation and 3D model making animation. They work normal office hours ( 8 hours ), but sometimes extra hours to meet deadlines.

Job Requirement

Character Animator

  • Creativity and Artistic ability
  • Good communication skills / Listening and Speaking
  • Strong computer skills
  • Able to work well with other / A team player

Education Rquirement

  • 4 Year Degree (Ex. Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Fine Art in Animation & Digital Arts, Media Arts & Animation, Computer Graphic, and more)
  • Good at Geometry and Anatomy ( To make character move more realistic)
  • Take courses such as Drawing, 2D Animation Production, 3D Animation Production and Stop Motions


Responsibility & The Salaries

  • Create and draw character for T.V, movies, or video games

  • Create artwork, sketches, and illustration

  • Work with Editors to bring the layer of animation

  • Help pitch ideas

An character animator usually makes around $72,000 - $110,00 per year.