Abi Turney November 06,2014 7th period Sweet

Iron, Fe

Been used since ancient times


I am a metal and I work at a factory that helps people work with us better!!! For example: I can be used as swords,be put into foods, and many many more!

About me...

I am 26 years old (protons) in 4 years I will be 30 years old (neutrons) so right now I am 26 years old(electrons)


I am apart of the Iron Group

Friends: :))

Ruth Ruthenium, Ru

Ozzy Osmuim, Os

Henry Hassium, Hs

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Physical Properties:

High Density

My melting point is: 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit

I am gray

I am lustrous

My boiling point is: 5,184 degrees Fahrenheit

I have a crystal structure

Chemical Property:


I am very flammable because I am made of iron I can withstand some heat but not as much heat as the fire/a fire may hold or holds.

Atomic Mass and Atomic Number

My niece is 14 (atomic number) years old today!!! Happy Birthday!!

My sister is also turning 28 today! In fact she just turned 28 .086 seconds ago...making her 28.086 (atomic mass) years old this very second.

Besties :))

I am SUPER happy that me and Nicole Neon are best friends because we don't have the same amount of valence electrons AND she isn't a metal...but Gigi Gold and I don't get along that well because we are both metals...

Who discovered me??

The ancient people of Egypt. I am part Egyptian and I love it!!

How I was discovered?!?!

I looked like a rock when they first found me and thought I would be good use as a hammer...along with all of the other elements and rocks. They later on discovered that I couldn't do EVERYTHING that a rock could do and stuff that I could do that rocks couldn't do. I was later on known and found as Iron or Fe.

Where can I be found?

I can be found ALL OVER the world. Atmosphere, in the earth, etc. etc. etc. You know I should probably get out of the house every once in a while and go to different places and make more friends.

What else am I found in...?

I can be found in Cobalt, Co Nickle, Ni and Ruthenium Ru.

What am I in?

I am most likely found in what you are wearing: Clothing, Pants, etc. I can also be found in cereal, armor, and cleaning solution.

Valence Electorns

I am so happy that my all of my friends have 2 valence electrons because we all get along but...anyone who doesn't have 2 valence electrons we don't really get along with them....

Three interesting facts about ME!!

1. The element symbol for iron is Fe, which comes from the Latin word for iron, "ferrum".
2. Iron is a transition metal.
3. Iron primarily forms compounds with +2 and +3 oxidation states.