Fun Facts

Polar Bears

Baby Polar Bears

Baby polar bears learn to freeze and remain still while their mother goes and hunts. If they move, the mother disciplines them with a smack to the head.

Polar bear babies weigh a little more than a pound when they are born.

Adult Polar Bears

Female polar bears would rather build their dens in "old snow" from previous years rather than the freshly fallen snow.

Adult females often weigh between 500 and 600 pounds.

Female polar bears do not start having cubs until they are about 4 or 5 years old.

Polar bears swim using their large front paws to propel themselves through the water and their back legs to steer.

Polar bears tend to overheat more than to be cold.

Adult males can grow to be 10 feet tall and weigh over 1400 pounds.

Polar bears can swim up to 100 miles at a time and can swim an average of 6 miles per hour.

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