Digital Learning Day

Feb. 23, 2017

DLD is Feb. 23!

As you are planning for later in the month, please make a special mark on your calendar for Digital Learning Day, Feb. 27! We are a "leading digital school" in the nation and would love to see the great things you can come up with!

Here are three new digital tools you can try out on DLD. If you want to plan something with these tools, or any other idea you have to make this day an extra special one, please let us know! We would love to brainstorm with you!

#1 MoocNote

Encourage Critical Thinking

MoocNote lets you take notes on videos. Your notes link back to the point in the video where you took them.

  • Works with students' Google account - no need to set up a new password
  • Add comments, links, or questions to videos
  • Helps your students engage with flipped lessons, tutorials, and explanations
  • Works with Google Drive videos - no need to have it whitelisted
#2 Ourboox

Inspire Creativity and Communication

Looking for a way for students to present their information along with visuals? Ourboox is a very easy to use digital book creator.

  • Authors can track number of viewers and comments
  • Students can create their own artwork or use images with citations.
  • Embed video, music, maps and more
  • Great opportunity for students to share learning with parents or other classes for collaborative "book reports" and have an authentic audience for their work
  • Books in the public gallery are available in other languages - great opportunity to tie in for our World Languages department!
#3 My Maps from Google

Let Students Collaborate

My Maps is a part of the Google Apps suite (easy login!). Using My Maps, students can create interactive, highly customized maps that display what they've learned or connect to multiple disciplines.

  • Share editing rights just like within Google Docs so students can work in a team
  • Add different layers of content (photos, text, images, links, anything!)
  • Connect geography, culture, history, literature, scientific ecosystems, and more!

Here's a tutorial on how to work with My Maps. I also recommend you check out this post on how to integrate My Maps into ANY content area. Here are just a few:

- Science: Plot locations with certain environments, vegetation or ecosystems

- History: Create map layers of different government systems throughout the world

- Arts: Layer pins of where artistic movements/genres started with audio and visual examples of each

Tracey Waid

Instructional Coach

Mooresville High School / NF Woods

Are the first 3 tools too much for you? That's OK! Check out our Cool Tools Library, MGSD Top 10 Freebies and Top 10 Digital Resources Lists. Make an appointment to meet with with Tracey, Damien, or April and we'll help you brainstorm a lesson that incorporates one of these tools.