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I live in a house with two floors and four bedrooms and having a WiFi at home is always a must in our household. The majority of homes today own a WiFi router and honestly, that became a “need” for everyone. While having WiFi is good, the problem is there are times that the connection can’t get through the walls. For instance, when a router is located in the living room, the WiFi won’t be able to penetrate through the bedroom and the bedroom becomes a dead spot.

But due to the advanced technology that we have, companies have come up with WiFi boosters that can help your home to get a connection anywhere, whether in your room, bathroom, garden or even at the garage. But they are expensive and that’s why I always ignore them when I come across their ads online. One day, I saw this ad talking about this WiFi booster that’s not only very effective but as well as affordable.

The device that they are talking about is the SuperBoost Wifi, which is a router WiFi booster, which will ensure that it will every area in your home. I’ve gathered some detailed information that you definitely should know about before purchasing one.

What Is SuperBoost Wifi

SuperBoost Wifi is specifically designed by WiFi connectivity specialists, which is inspired by the technology of the military, which is popularly known as the Signal Repeater Transmission. It is a plug-like and a top of the line WiFi booster, which enhances a slow WiFi signal. It also helps in optimizing the connection anywhere in your home, no matter how far their room is from the area of where the router is.

The device also promises to provide its users with a powerful, clear, fast, and reliable WiFi connection anywhere in your home. This will surely help you to stay connected anywhere in your home to update your social media accounts or even to work, especially if you are a work from home person. The SuperBoost Wifi is the best alternative if you are looking for an affordable router booster at home.

One of the best things about SuperBoost Wifi is that it is compatible with all of the major wireless carriers today, including Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon. No matter what your internet subscriber is, you no longer have to worry about anything at all. With this WiFi booster, you can comfortably lay in your bed because the WiFi connection will reach your room.

Another good thing about SuperBoost Wifi is that it’s not complicated to install. All you have to do is connect the device to your WiFi router and then you’re done. You can immediately use its advantages once connected.

Why Choose SuperBoost Wifi

One of the reasons why I chose SuperBoost Wifi it is low-cost. I also want to have an internet connection anywhere in the house especially that we have a two-story home. My problem with the house is that, once we get upstairs, the WiFi signal will start to slow down, and eventually disappear once inside the room. This is very frustrating because I have to go downstairs just to get a good signal.

Besides its price, it is also very reliable especially that SuperBoost Wifi claims that you can get a WiFi signal anywhere you are, be it an enclosed porch, garage, and basement. Places where there were no signals before will get a strong WiFi connection once the booster is installed.

The best thing that I love about SuperBoost Wifi is that I no longer have to pay my internet provider extra money just to fix the signal. With SuperBoost Wifi, I no longer need to do that because my signal at home will never be interrupted or poor. It also speeds up the internet, which is another feature of SuperBoost Wifi besides eliminating dead spots.

SuperBoost Wifi Tests

Of course, I want to make sure that I will be able to provide you with an accurate and honest review of SuperBoost Wifi and there’s no better way to do that but to test it myself. Since I also want the device, I immediately placed my order on their website.

When SuperBoost Wifi arrived, I immediately open the box and installed it on my router. It comes with a useful instruction, which is very easy to follow. In less than 10 minutes, my SuperBoost Wifi was already running. What I did first went upstairs and check if my signal became poor or interrupted. I walked around and the signal was still strong, I can browse and even video called my best friend.

The next thing that I did was go into each of the rooms upstairs and check my internet connection. I was surprised to see that I still have a connection when just yesterday, both rooms were dead spots. I was very happy with my purchase and it was very worth every penny.

With SuperBoost Wifi, I can now stream my favorite series and movies without worrying about lags because my internet connection is very stable now. I also don’t have to worry about poor connection when I am on a video call with a friend or for business purposes. With this reliable device, I can now work in any part of our home, be it in the garden or in my room.

SuperBoost Wifi Review

I also searched online for different reviews about SuperBoost Wifi and it’s not surprising that I found nothing but great reviews. Everyone was raving about how it expanded their WiFi signal and how the speed of their internet increased. In fact, some of them canceled their added speed because the SuperBoost Wifi is more than enough to increased the speed of their internet connection.

With all of these reviews, it’s not surprising that it is always low on stock when you visit their website.

Testimonials from Other Users

The walls in our house prevents the WiFi connection to reach my room and its gets frustrating especially when I am doing my research. Fortunately, I came across SuperBoost Wifi which can help improve our signal coverage no matter which part of our house we are. Upon delivery, I immediately use it and was surprised that even the garage has a WiFi connection. Now I no longer have to stay in the living room just to get a good signal coverage. - Eric, 28

I am a website developer and having a fast internet connection will surely help. That's why when I learned about SuperBoost Wifi, I ordered one and tested it out after unpacking it. My internet speed improved by more than 70% and its as if I added a speed from my internet service provider. Fortunately, I don't have to do that because I have SuperBoost Wifi! - Paul, 34

Where Can I Purchase SuperBoost Wifi

I purchased my SuperBoost Wifi in their official website, and back then they were offering discounts. But when I checked their site today, they are offering discounts and higher ones if you purchase two or more SuperBoost Wifi. You can purchase an extra so you can give it as a gift for your family or friends.

Paying is via their website as well, you can either pay via credit card or PayPal, depending on your preferences. The site is protected by SSL, so you shouldn’t worry about your information.

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