Valentine's Day

February 14th

History of Valentine's Day

Valentine's day was named after a Christian martyr in the 5th century. It originates from the Roman holiday Lupercalia. At this time the Romans were lead by Emperor Claudius II. He decided to ban marriage because he thought single soldiers were better. A priest named Valentine continued to preform marriage to young couples in secret. Sending flowers on Valentine's Day is a way to send a non-verbal message. It continues to be a way to show sentimental love.


Roses are the number one selling flower. In 2008 about 214 million roses were sold around Valentine's day.

Typical American Flower Buyer:

Around Valentines Day a typical all-american man will go out seeking a sentimental gift for their valentine. His age is normally from a young adult in a high school relationship, to a man soon to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary.