Southwest clothing,housing,and where they lived

The southwest clothing,and housing was very unique.Also where they lived.If you want more information please keep reading.

Information about southwest indians

How the southwest indians got there food

The southwest indians hunted and farmed.The southwest indians hunted deer,and jackrabbits.They farmed corn,mutton,squash,and prickly pears.That is how the southwest indians got there food.

Did the southwest indians have permanent villages or did they move around alot?

The southwest indians had permanent villages.They had clay homes. The clay homes were on cliffs.They were sometimes on flat ground.They were not like teepees,that you could move around with.That is what the southwest indians houses were like.

How the southwest indians physical environment influenced the type of food they ate,the type of homes they constructed,the clothes they wore, and the food they ate.

There clothing was made of buck skin,deer skin and jackrabbit skin.There homes were made out of stone and different types of clay.They also had flat roofs.last but not least they hunted and farmed to get food.

The southwest indians cultural practices,including beliefs, and religious practices

The southwest indians spoke languages from several different families.They were also very good at pottery, and weaving most indian religions, those of the southwest indians were generally characterized by animism and shamanism in contrast to the anisim religions of other southwest tribes.

How the southwest indians were governed

In every village a clan had they're own government is which they selected lead to go before the village council,b if they were a broader topic they would select a representative to speak forthere villiage at the tribal council.