All About Me

A Flyer by Ryan Hoeck

My Birthplace

I was born and raised right here in Central Florida. I have lived under the same roof my entire life with my three younger sisters, Grace, Sarah, and Elise (Left-to-Right in the picture).
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My Major

I am currently majoring in Computer Science, and I plan on keeping it that way! I thought about every STEM related major from Biological Chemistry to Electrical Engineering and I settled on CS as tinkering (breaking and fixing) computers and code is !FUN!

EXCEL: What? How? ?????

I found the EXCEL program through various peers and while browsing the UCF website. I was late on submitting the Burnett Honors College application and was recommended EXCEL, which I gladly applied for not knowing anything about it.

EXCEL: Help I need

I think EXCEL is a wonderful program for STEM major students. It provides a ton of support and tools for students to use, which I and going to take full advantage of. I decided to jump right into Calculus 2 only because I knew I had a plethora of ways to aid me through (subjectively) the hardest math class at UCF.

Something Unique

I LOVE to travel, and I take way too many pictures to prove it. So far my favorite place has been California on a trip to a national volleyball tournament, but other places have their charm too!
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