A Rape on Campus

A Social Imagination Project.

Why is Rape such a daily thing now? It is a serious case.

From what I've read, I've come to understand that there's a good side of what college would be like and a dark side to it as well. Jackie's first year experience at college was extremely unfortunate and my heart went out to her but I wish she would've gone straight to that hospital because the number of rape cases that have been raised throughout the years especially in Universities is just too much. It's extremely unfortunate.
Another thing I've really noticed in this article was the "fear" in it. From the interviews with the victims, I could actually feel their emotions and the fear that was laced in there. This is a problem because a lot of people are not confident. As human beings we need to learn that we can't move on in life if we don't reach that certain level of confidence. It's honesty one of the few things that will help us in life to a great extent and that's what some people don't understand.
Women. Feminists. The radicals that were formed because of some the unjust and unfair unequal rights that women had. Examples like this University (UVA), might increase the number of feminists we have now. It hurts to know that, the victims that were sexually assaulted couldn't even help themselves or others immediately because of their University's reputation and its fraternity. If no action is taken on schools that have this kind of problem, who knows what next would happen? It's bad enough that things like this happen at such a good University, if not worse, at other well known colleges as well.
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Empathy. Emotions. Feelings and soft wiring.

It's natural to feel sorry for the girls that were sexually assaulted but isn't it more important to empathize with them? To try and put oursleves in their shoes and think about how exactly YOU would feel if you were the person put into that sort of position. It seems like it's a better deal because if we were to empathize more in our society, it would be a better plan be a use more action would be taken on matters like this. Horrendous activities do happen everyday and not every crime can be taken care of unfortunately, but it's best to at least speak up for the horrid things that happen in society and stop them to try and make the world a better place to live in and be comfortable in.

We really need to develop our empathic drive to make the societies that we live in become better places because the things we do are showed by the situation we are in, the kind of values we have, and the way people around us act. For instance, the victim, Jackie, who was so distraught and disturbed by what happened to her that she was contemplating suicide, could've just gone ahead with it or worse, become so affected with it that she could've gone mental and had permanent psychological issues which does happen but thankfully, there were people who could fully empathize with her situation and helped her and she also kept her values and that's what molds an Empathic Civilization.

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Stuff that I learnt from this article.

Fraternities and sororities: a group of men or women formed by a brotherhood or sisterhood and common goals and aspirations who make a commitment to each other for life. These organizations are referred to as Greek because their names consist of Greek letters that serve as reminders of the group's values.

Wahoo: at UVA, the universal goal there is to discover some sort of identity. It is to find the somebody they will become, to choose the version of the version of the wahoo that they are going to be.

Feminazi: a radical or militant feminist who is intolerant of oppressing views. They are against sexism.