Pay It Forward


Pay It Forward

Pay it forward

By:Ali Maulsby

Have you ever wondered about being nice to people all around the world? It would be awesome if we could have happiness all around the world so we would not get in fights. There is one thing we need to say and it is called, “Pay it Forward.” If you do something nice for someone then they will be nice to you maybe! You need to show good deeds and love, like if you help your mom clean the house, or make breakfast.

You know that there is a lot of thing going around the world and it is BULLYING going on around the world and we should not bully people, it is very very mean!!:( Nobody likes being bullied so we should be caring!! Doing something for somebody would help alot!! When somebody gets bullied they cry, cry, cry,and cry. It really hurts their feelings, so we should not bully. Then they will go home and tell their mom. When people get in fights when they are arguing you should say stop if they don’t go in the middle of them and split them apart.

One of the random kindnesses that I have done is clean the toy room when I didn’t make a mess in there some little kids did. Sometimes when i am bored I make the beds, vacuum, and fold towels. I like doing kind things for my friends and family. I would be very happy if we could all do kind things all around the world.

What I do for my friends is when they fall I help them up. Some people just laugh when they fall that is not funny it’s mean! When some people fall of the playground I help them up or if they run into polls and then I take them up to the office. When my mom and dad signed me up for sports and some of them are very expenses like dance because it is the BEST DANCE EVER!!! I should do a fundraiser with my friends for my sports so my mom and dad don’t have to pay for my sports.

I think that we should ALL PAY IT FORWARD. In my school we do fundraising for people who don’t have food. They don’t go to school because they don’t have any food or water. PLEASE be nice to people around the world!! Sometimes I want to cry because there are so many sad things going on around the world. So please make it a better world!! Maybe if some big people would do good things and good choices then the little kids will. fights! If we had respect, fairness, caring, responsibility, citizenship, and trustworthiness! Mabe is some big people would do good things and good choices then the litttle kids would.