Internet Saftey

If you don't know the sender, they could be a pretender


Internet safety is all about being safe online. It teaches you about what to do, and what not to do on the internet. It is so important that you are safe online because you never know who is out there. You could be unsafe online right now, not even knowing it. Keep on reading to find out more.

~Six Little Tips~

1. NEVER send out personal information on social networks or chat rooms.

2. Make your social networks private so that only friends can see.

3. Don’t post pictures of people, or yourself in front of a license plate on a car, or in front of anything that could give out your location.

4. No one should know your password but you, and possibly your parents.

5. Don't post “attractive” photos of yourself or others with drinks, cigarettes, at a wild party, or with drugs.

6. If someone tries to hack your Facebook or twitter or any social network, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. Make sure only YOU know it.

7. If your parents are really protective, block inappropriate sites or do something so that your parents can see what you've been on.