Interesting facts

~Mercury is also the smallest of eight planets in our solar system.

~Mercury is named after the messenger of the roman gods .

~Mercury does not experience any seasons .

~ Mercury is the only planet that does not rotate exactly once ever year.

~Mercury orbits so quickly around the sun that early civilizations believed it was actually two different stars.

What is the period of Earths rotation in Earth days?

59 Earth days

What is the average distance from the sun?

57.91 million km

What is the period of revolution in earth years?

176 days
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Does Mercury have any moons?


What is Mercury made up of?

Mainly iron and a very thin layer of silicate

What are the temperatures on Mercury?

min:275 Degrees Fahrenheit max:840 Degrees Fahrenheit
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What location is Mercury in relation to the sun? (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Mercury is 1st