The Generations Of A Computer

Computer Components

When was the first computer invented and Who invented it?

Alan Turning created the first computer between 1945-1955 and they were very large. They were made out of vacuum and programmed using wiring plugboards. It was mostly used for mathematical calculations.

The four generations: #1

1940-1956; Vacuum Tubes. The size of the first computers were enormous and nearly took up a whole room, they were also very expensive to operate because it took up alot of electricity. The vacuum tubes were for circuity and magnetic drums were used for memory. The univac was the first computer to make business but was very basic and could only solve one problem at a time.
Colossus: The World's First Electronic Computer - The Four Generations of Computers (1/4)

The four generations: #2

1956-1963; Transistors. Transistors replaced vacuum tubes and was amazing compared to it. The computers became smaller, faster, cheaper and more reliable! Although it gave out loads of dangerous heat and it could be damaged. They still relied on punch cards for input and print out for output. They moved on from cryptic binary machine language to symbolic or assembly language which allowed programmers to specify instructions better. The next well know computers were called cobal and fortran which moved on from a magnetic drum to magnetic core technology. The second generation computers were developed for atomic energy industry.
Elliott 803: Second Generation Computers - The Four Generations of Computers (2/4)

The four generations: #3

1964-1971; Integrated circuits. Integrated circuits was the hallmark of the third generation. They were minaturedized and placed on sillicon chips called semiconductors. Semiconductors increased the speed and efficiency of computers.Instead of punhcards and print outs keyboards and monitors were invented which allowed the computer to rum many applications at the same time. For the first time computers came accessible to mass' of audience because they were smaller and eaiser to handle.
Integrated Circuits: Third Generation Technology - The Four Generations of Computers (3/4)

The four generations: #4

1971-NOW!; Microprocessors. Thousands of integrated circuits were built onto a single sillicon chip and bought computers alive!! In 1940 when you could just about fit a computer in a room now you can fit it in your palm of your hand. The intel 4004 chip located all the components of the computer from the cpu and memory to an input/output unit controls onto one single chip.
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