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History and Goals of the University

University of Waterloo was founded by a group of industrialists with a dream of changing the world through innovation and research. Since then waterloo houses over 35, 000 creative minds, offering over 100 areas of study prepares them for the real world. UWaterloo has over over 1000 acres of land on campus. Teaching and research excellence remains the core to waterloo’s mission

Waterloo Campus Map Including libraries, Physical Recreation Centres and more!
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Campus life: Residence and meal plans

Meal plans are not included in your tuition but you can purchase meal discount plans. You can also add flex dollars into your WatCard to purchase meals there.

You can stay at traditional double, single, or interconnecting rooms and eat your meals in your residence or outside at local food outlets. However you can choose to stay at Suite-style residences which offers single or double rooms in an apartment or "suite" setting. Suites INCLUDES shared bathroom(s), and a kitchen with your roommates, and eat many of your meals "at home" in your suite. First year is guaranteed residence on campus.

Extra curricular: Waterloo offers a vast amount of fitness facilities teams and other recreations.

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Scholarships available

President’s Scholarship of Distinction, President’s Scholarship, Merit Scholarship etc are offered at the university of Waterloo. More than 10 are offered in general but there may be more scholarships offered the the program that you are enlisted in. You can see the specific amount and requirements for each at

Thinking of Applying to the university of waterloo?

Tuition averages around $6,716 to $18,840 dollars for 2 terms (8 months) Not including books and other supplies. Minimum application average is 79% but it all depends on what program you're applying to. Some of the stand out programs that waterloo offers is Architecture, Statistics and actuarial science, and nano tech engineering.