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Steve Willis is the sole owner of the brand KIT which developed particularly to promote Steve’s desire for a life of physicality. It has a whole range of men and women activewear. Basically KIT is designed as an activewear to enable and support the tiring and active lifestyle but the good part about the KIT is that it does not compromise on the basis of fashion and new trends.


When first discussing an activewear brand the most essential thing that comes to mind is its range. To see that whether the range makes sense or not is important. The range of clothes for both the men and women should be versatile enough to be suitable for more than one purpose. It should also support individuals throughout the day and not just suitable for gym purposes. Its range in women activewear includes tops, shorts, leggings, muscle tank, warm up vest, activity pouch and even a complete kit for a reasonable price. The range in men activewear includes logo T-shirts, crossfit shorts, trunk, briefs and even a complete KIT with an activity pouch. It’s the wide and diverse range that makes KIT a successful brand.


Steve’s brand KIT reflects his own life’s purpose and determination. He is so genuine and real that he wanted his work and collection to be related with his own life and passion. KIT’s activewear collection is basically a tribute to Steve Willis as the collection represents his personality. The designing process is said to be authentic as the brand exactly imitates Steve Willis lifestyle. Hence the range is simple as well as representing the requirements of a modern world. The range of the activewear is quite according to the modern busy lifestyle. Each fabric of the garment is checked if it fulfils all the requirements, and also if it deserves to have a place under KIT brand.


A comfortable sports bra is the most important piece of clothing for females which accompanies the KIT. The brand KIT offers a fantastic range of sports bras which cheap prices. Not just this, Steve Willis brand KIT has a variety of print leggings for women which are comfortable to wear not just during work out but also throughout the day. Most importantly the accessories that the brand KIT offers is of high quality and wide variety. KIT uses a training term WOD i.e work out of the day. It means that since this contemporary world has a busy lifestyle, it requires a multi -functional clothing which is not only suitable for work out in gym but also for the work out throughout the day. The clothing is so comfortable that the individuals actually feel relaxed while wearing it in hot sunny days. It is definitely versatile and according to the modern lifestyle requirements. Finally as said by Steve Willis, ‘when someone wears a piece of KIT I want them to feel like they can achieve anything’. This saying does explain Steve’s determination and passion and speaks volume of why this brand should be preferred.

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