How To throw A Football

By: Owen Brehm and Mario Ornelas


- Football
- Partner


1. Grip the ball with your dominant hand
2. With your dominant hand, grip it over with the laces
3. Put your first two finger in the front of the grip
4. Make sure that your feet are planted
5. Bring ball by the ear
6. Move/shoulder back
7. Aim to the area/person where you want the ball to go
8. You use your momentum/force to have power of the throw
9. Right before the ball comes out of your hand, twist a little and flick it so that it can spiral and there faster.
10. Lean in with your throw and beware that your foot might come up with you.

Demonstration Video

Throwing A Football To Myself



We experience the game of football before. We were taught to throw a football and catch one too. What we would've change differently would be estimating the force of throwing the football. In addition, estimating the target when throwing the football.