Springman Band

Update #7

Homecoming Parade Reminders!!!

  • Students need to report to Springman at 9:15 AM with instruments AND in uniform (see below for uniform specifics)
  • Students will be bused back to Springman by 11:30 AM (if not sooner!) At that point, students are free to depart!


Students must wear the following on Saturday:

  • BLACK PANTS (no athletic pants! no skirts!)
  • COMPLETELY BLACK SHOES (no boots! Flats are ok for ladies) We'll also be marching for about a mile, so comfortable shoes are encouraged.

The forecast looks like it going to be a high of 51 degrees for our Homecoming Parade. Because it will not be raining/snowing, we will not wear jackets (in order to look uniform).

In order to keep comfortable and warm, students are encouraged to:

  • wear a BLACK, LONG SLEEVED SHIRT underneath their polo
  • wear HATS/GLOVES (clarinet players should cut holes where the pad of their finger goes - otherwise, they won't be able to play)

Per a Springman parent:

Menards is selling stretchy, black gloves for $1.50 a pair! Definitely a deal!!!

Weekly Update for October 19th

With Homecoming almost behind us, our band students are getting back to work!

This week, students will be:

  • 6th Grade: learning how to tune and how to perform "Karate Scales"
  • 7th Grade: Chromatics!
  • 8th Grade: Compound Counting!

WINDS/BRASS: Need to bring Essential Elements Book 2 to their lessons this week!

PERCUSSION: Will have books provided to them this week!


Monday, October 19th

- 6th Grade Band has rehearsal at 7:30 AM

- 7th graders have band lessons today!

Tuesday, October 20th

- 8th Grade Band has rehearsal at 7:30 AM

- 7th graders have band lessons today!

Wednesday, October 21st

- 6th Grade Band has rehearsal at 7:30 AM

- 6th graders have band lessons today!

- Jazz Band will rehearse from 3-4 PM

Thursday, October 22nd

- 7th Grade Band has rehearsal at 7:30 AM

- 6th graders have band lessons today!

Friday, October 23rd

- Wildcat Symphony (8th grade band) has rehearsal at 7:30 AM

- 8th graders have band lessons today!

We've UPGRADED - now it's YOUR turn!!!

Big image

Check out 8th grader Greg modeling his NEW baritone saxophone mouthpiece, 8th grade Michael modeling his Neotech Alto Saxophone neckstrap, and 7th grade Justin modeling his new trumpet mouthpiece!

Now it's YOUR turn to upgrade!!!!

You can find the Springman Recommended Equipment list by clicking HERE.

Please note that the items marked with asterisks (***) are strongly encouraged. These items will make an enormous difference in the students' sound and their performance in an ensemble. Furthermore, this equipment can be used through high school and, often, beyond high school! The more students that "step-up" even ONE piece of equipment will help our ensembles to sound amazing!

If you are interested in upgrading your child's instrument, I recommend that you speak with a director AND a private teacher AND that you keep your child's current instrument as a back up.

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Wildcat Jazz Band

Nice work this week! Our students are learning to improv jazz solos on the Concert Bb and Concert F scales!

Please check out the Jamey Aebersold "Play-Along" Books HERE! They are a great way to continue to improve your jazz style and solo playing!

Students - please make sure you are practicing "Blue Dinosaurs"! There are some sections that DEFINITELY need to be cleaned up prior to next rehearsal.

Next rehearsal - please come DRESSED IN YOUR UNIFORM! I will explain why during rehearsal....

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All-Illinois Junior Band Auditions ARE COMING SOON!!!

One of our talented Springman parents is running this amazing event:

The All-Illinois Junior Band (AIJB) is the FIRST auditioned statewide middle school honor band in decades! Eighty-Two students will be selected for this inaugural ensemble which will rehearse and perform at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on January 15 & 16, 2016.

Auditions are now open! You can learn more HERE!

FYI: This event conflicts with any 8th grader planning on going to Washington DC

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Home needed for an organ!

One of our Springman parents is looking for a home for her grandmother's Lowery Regency organ. The organ is about 5 years old and is in EXCELLENT condition.

Please let me know if you are interested!

(Photo for reference - not actual instrument!)

In honor of the parade this weekend...

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