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Monday, 6/6/2016

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Finishing Q4 Strong!

We are officially down to the last two weeks of the quarter! Please send reminders to all homeroom students regarding the approaching end of the quarter. Make sure you are CALLING, CALLING, CALLING your struggling homeroom and content students. Also ensure that catch-up plans have been sent out, and that all recordings and other resources are available in your online classroom.

Department Meeting Tomorrow

Please join us for our department meeting this Tuesday, 6/7/2016 at 9AM. We look forward to "seeing" you all there!
Link: http://tinyurl.com/isca-staff-room


Due to the importance of attendance and ensuring discrepancies are eliminated, in-depth attendance audits are currently underway. It is vital for all teachers to ensure attendance claims are accurate for each student. Please carefully review attendance for each student, ensuring to mark "IP" when appropriate. If you have any questions or need clarification please contact your HLT.

2016-2017 Course Pacing Guides

Now that we are coming into the final stretch of this school year, it is time to plan for the future! Next school year, all courses will follow pacing guides developed by you, our fabulous expert teachers! Previously emailed to all teachers, on 5/19, were instructions on and a recommended timeline for creating these pacing guides, as well as the template to use.

Pacing Guide Task

Suggested Timeline

Weeks 1-3 (days 1-15): Monday, 5/30

Week 4-6 (days 16-30): Friday, 6/10

Week 7-9 (days 31-45): Thursday, 6/23

Final Draft :Monday, 6/27

Editions & Revisions: Prior to Q1 start

Quarter 4 Work Records

  • The work Record roster is now posted in SP. If there is a student missing from the roster and you need to do a work record on them, simply add them to your list.


  • Remember if you are part of the virtual work record pilot program to refer to those directions on uploading into Pathways. If you need those again, please let me know and I will send them your way.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

Homeroom Live Sessions

Because so many of our kids are working extremely hard to pass their classes, we would like all teachers to use this time to reach out to HR students to support them in their efforts. Ideas to support your HR students may include, progress kmail/emails, 1/1 tutoring sessions, small group sessions, phone call reminders to complete work, etc. If you wish to hold homeroom live sessions, powerpoint decks have been uploaded and you may choose from months 5 and 6.

2016 Summer School Options for Insight Students

2016 Summer School Options for Insight Students

If students are registering for summer school, please have them contact their Student Support Specialist for assistance in choosing summer school course. We want to ensure that the course is meeting the high school graduation requirements.

The following information has been shared with all Insight students:

1. Local High School: Insight students can take courses at their local high school. Please check with those local schools for their enrollment policies.

2. Community College: Insight students may take courses at their local community college. Please check with the college regarding their enrollment policies.

3. Online School: Insight will accept summer school courses from most accredited schools. Please K-mail your Student Support Specialist if you have questions about other summer school programs. Copy and paste the links below into your browser to learn about the summer programs. Please contact the school directly for their enrollment policy and to sign up for summer courses.

· BYU Online HS http://is.byu.edu/

· Keystone http://keystoneschoolonline.com/

· K12 http://www.k12.com/courses/summer-school-courses.html

· National University Online HS http://www.k12.com/courses/summer-school-courses.html

· Fuel Ed http://www.getfueled.com/summer-enrollment-2016

· Laurel Springs http://laurelsprings.com/high-school/part-time-summer/

· Opportunity for eLearning http://oflvirtual.com/ Free summer school available for students in the Los Angeles area. Many courses are A-G approved.

· Cal Pac Charter Schools http://www.cal-pacs.org/ Free summer school option - students must reside in one of these counties: Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego or Ventura. Please obtain the summer school form for Cal Pac from your Student Support Specialist.

Due Dates and Reminders

June 17th: End of Q4

Jun 21st: Q4 Gradebooks due

June 22nd and 24th- LA and SJ Graduation Ceremonies

June 24th: Q4 Work Records due

June 27th: Pacing Guide Drafts due

June 30th: Teacher Calendars due

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