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Fraction Action

Slowly, but surely the kids are getting more comfortable manipulating fractions to solve problems. The biggest difficulty they have encountered is not knowing their multiplication facts well enough to easily convert improper fractions, reduce fractions and make common denominators, Below you will find a link to a site with many multiplication games. Please encourage your child to practice this weekend online or quiz your child the old-fashioned way.

Math Leading to Specialized Homework

I am in the process of giving the kids various mini math assignments to see what computation skills we need to practice before our standardized testing next month. Next week most children will bring home some written math homework. Please go over it with your child to make sure he or she is completing it correctly. I will email parents to let them know if and when their child is bringing this extra practice home.

Reading Next Week

Starting Monday students who go to Read 180 will also have a guided reading lesson with me four days a week. While they are working with me, the rest of the class will be working on independent reading/math review or projects. Most of my homeroom has their guided reading lesson with me in the morning.