Technology class at Lineville

Dylon Williams

Typing Web

*I learned how to use correct words and to capitalize the start of a sentence.

*The class shows you how to use correct spelling .

*The point of typing web is to help you type at a 6th grade level and that is something I completed.


*ITrailer is a good resource for examples.

*The best thing about it is the fact that the sky is the limit.

*I think you will like it because the fact that the teacher let's you choose.

Email Etiquette

*It helps the students learn how to type with out using u for you.

*The teacher is really commanding about it but it helps.

*I like the project because it helped me with typing.

Haiku Deck

*The good thing about haiku deck is the pictures.

*What i think you will like about the app is the work and how it lets you be creative.

*Here is what I don't like about it, the letters turn small when you type a lot the letters.


*Coding helps you learn how to program things .

*I honestly think it is a good source because of the games it gets you into it.

*What I think you will most like about it is the real world games they have.

President Obama asks America to learn computer science

Explain Everything

*I like how you get to choose your own problem.

*What I think you might like is the fact that you can solve it how ever you what.

*Other reasons I like it is because you can change the font.