CLP Weekly Memo

Week of October 5 - October 9

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At CLP We Are Growing Leaders Every Day In Every Way!

Important Dates

10-5 Grades 2-6 there will be no pull-out classes for students that need to complete the ESTAR MSTAR Diagnostic Assessment (SpEd, ESL, Lang Science, etc.)
10-6 Kagan Coaching Day for 4th-5th-6th grades
10-6 Staff Meeting for all staff members
10-7 Lighthouse Team Meeting

Upcoming Dates

10-12 to 10-14 5th Grade at Camp Grady Spruce
10-13 Staff Meeting with Mr. Bailey (all staff members to attend)
10-14 Early Release District Led (Please make sure you take a lunch count the day before for early release and turn that count into Dorothy on the 13th.)
10-14 RHS Homecoming Parade (Cullins will have a float)
10-15 Perot Science Night
10-16 End of Term 1 Grading Period
10-19 to 10-23 Early Voting will take place at Cullins
10-22 Term 1 Report Cards Distributed
10-26 to 10-30 Red Ribbon Week
10-26 Pre-K Field Trip to Pumpkin Patch
10-26 Chick Fil A Night
10-27 Fall Carnival 5:30-7:30 (Early Voting until 7pm
11-1 Daylight Savings Time Ends (Fall Back 1 hour)

Reminders (repeated information is in Italics)

  • Students from Grades 2-6 in pull-out classes need to make up the ESTAR/MSTAR Diagnostic Assessment on October 5th. Please send them to Computer Lab B during their intervention time.
  • On Tuesday, 4th-5th-6th grade teachers will be participating in some Kagan Coaching sessions with Angela Pendleton (our Kagan Facilitator). We are very excited about this opportunity for each of you to have some personal time with Angela. PK-3 will take place in the Spring. Just a reminder for tomorrow.... We will try our very best to remain on schedule, however if we are running late to your classroom, please wait on us.
  • We want to update our Staff "Sharpen the Saw Bulletin Board". Please send pictures to Laura Mejia to update this. If you are a new employee we need one. If your picture is already up, only send a new picture if you want it updated. We will also be working on a student bulletin board display for this as well.
  • Monday is a FREE jeans day for the month of October if you purchased a RHS Volleyball Shirt and Thursday is also a FREE jeans day for the month of October if you purchased a RHS Stingerettes Shirt. Both benefit Breast Cancer Awareness organizations. Tanya Hunt has delivered the Volleyball shirts and I will pick up Stingerettes shirts for you and bring Monday.
  • Fall Carnival: Get your games ready!!! Our Fall Carnival will be on Tuesday, October 27th. This is also a late early voting night for November elections (Bond). We are hoping having the school open for an event will encourage more to come out and vote! Good news!!!! Dawn Bishop is going to be doing a PBL with 3rd graders in which they will design and plan the whole carnival!!! So exciting for them!!!! We will begin working with the high schools to get some student volunteers to help out. I'm sure Dawn will have more information in the coming days!
  • iPad Carts: Tina has delivered your iPad carts to your workrooms. Understandably each of you are pulling iPads from the cart for your stations. However, when your teammates need the iPads for class projects and lessons to integrate technology those iPads should be shared with your teammates. In order for us to integrate technology with students the full carts need to be available. Thanks for your help with this friends!!!
  • Lesson plans are due in E-Backpack ideally by Friday afternoon, no later than Sunday night or before school Monday morning. Please make sure they are posted!
  • If you are going to be absent you should ALWAYS do two things: 1. Notify me 2. Notify your team. If you have completed a request for discretionary leave form then it is already on my calendar and I am aware. This refers to sick days that aren't planned.

Cullins Staff Members Being AWESOME!! (Formerly known as Kudos)

  • John Braden: Thank YOU SO MUCH John for all of your hard work with the Stargazing event!!! Christina Hoover thanks too for your behind the scenes work in helping John get everything ready. This event was a GREAT success!! The kids enjoyed the night so much!!!
  • Debby Schmucker: Thanks for teaching the 7 Habits in a way that kindergarteners learn them!! A little birdie parent told me this!!
  • Shree, Michelle and Julie: Thanks for always being willing to help when we need it. (From Becki Hensel)
  • Jennifer Givens: Thanks for calling so many 5th grade parents to make sure they can go to camp. (From Becki Hensel)
  • Becki Hensel and Shelley Harding: Thank you for covering my car duty while I was in an ARD. (From Joann Dickerson)
  • Kathy Riley, Christina Hoover, Gayle Kidd, and Becki Hensel: You have all enriched 5th grade writing with your creative integration ideas into all other content areas. They have given us some great ideas to implement this year. (From Tammy Lang)

Jill's Corner

Happy Monday Cullins Friends!!!

I hope you all had a nice and restful weekend. Wasn't the weather BEAUTIFUL???!!! We enjoyed being outside and family time. Makenzie and I did some shopping on Saturday. We had a fun day! My friend and I made Makenzie's mum yesterday for homecoming. Whew!!! That was a task now!!! In between all that I have worked on my dissertation all weekend!!!

As you can see from the calendar of things this week and the upcoming dates we have a busy month coming up. Let us know what you need friends!! We will all make it! On Tuesday we will be meeting as a staff to review some Leader in Me things that we discussed at the Lighthouse Training with Robin last week.

During this busy time, remember to put first things first. And remember that YOU are the reason your students succeed!!! You inspire them to be their very best! Enjoy this video from the LIM website. It inspired me to continue pushing forward with the work we do for so many!!

Go out and BE AWESOME!!!