Leadership Development

November 2 (4-6 p.m.)

“Assessment is the bridge between teaching and learning”. Dylan Wiliam

Jeanette Atkinson from Monroe #1 Boces will assist us in taking stock of our formative assessment knowledge. Then, we will focus on supporting teachers as they strive to become highly effective in Danielson 3d - using assessment in instruction. Thank you for writing your questions/learning needs on last month's ticket out. We have used them in planning for this session.


1.The Case for Formative Assessment

2.The Fit of Formative Assessment

3.Embedded Formative Assessment- What’s the Evidence?

4.Determining Where We Are and Where We Need to Go

Please bring your fully charged laptop, and your Danielson Frameworks.

Prior to coming, please view the short video below (2:18) where Dylan Wiliam (co-author of the seminal 1998 "Inside the Black Box - Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment" article) describes formative assessment.
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If you are interested in reading (or re-reading) the Paul Black and Dylan Wiliam article, here is a link: "Inside the Black Box - Raising Standards Through Classroom Assessment" We read this article as a leadership team a few years back....