New Caledonia

Come enjoy the beautiful country

Landforms of New Caledonia

Bonhomme de Bourail,Hienghéne cliffs,L'Aiguille de Prony,La Poule Couveuse,Grottes d'Adio,Grotte de Quango,Koumac Caves,Trou Bleu d'Aben,Trou de Bone,Trou Poultier.


Étang Saint-Nicholas,Grand Lac,Lac en Huit,Mare aux Canards,Peabe,Tegueni,Tiae

Climates,Plants and Animals

The climate for this area is a Tropical Climate,hot&humid.

Plants for this area is Nothofagus and Coilochilus.

Animals are flying foxes and bats.

Natural Resources

Natural resources include nickel,chrome,iron,cobalt,manganese,silver,gold,lead,and tin.

History of New Caledonia

3000 B.C.-Melanesias settled the islands.

1774-British navigator James Cook arrived.

1793-The French arrived

1853-French took over New Caledonia

People &Languages

French is the official language. Ethnic groups include Melanesian,European,Walligian,Futunian,Thaitian,Indonesian,Vietnamese,Ni-Vanuatu.

Land Use

Land is used for pastures,forest,roads,barren land.

Religion &Education

Roman Catholic,Protestant,Jehovah's Witness are the main religion.

Education they have five years of primary education,then four years of middle education,then three years of upper education.

Traditions,Customs,and Foods

Traditions-They go off an old society's rule which is called the Knack society.


Foods-Bougna&Bat Stew