A Boy at War

Harry Mazer


This book is about a boy who's dad was in the Marines. His family moved to Honolulu, so they could be closer to their dad, who was stationed there on the Arizona. The boys name was Adam. When Adam went to his new school, there was a Japanese boy who was always beating on Adam, but that just turned into hitting each other for fun. They both became friends, and started hanging out together. A couple of weeks later, Adam, the Japanese boy, and one other friend found a rowboat on the beach. They decided to go fishing in it, and right as they dropped their lines in the water, it happened. Japan had launched an attack on the US military ships that were docked at the island of Honolulu. Adam has no idea what's going on, and he tries to find out if his dad is still alive. He never talked about his dad, because he knew that there could still be hope for him. But what happens to the japenese boy? The FBI takes his dad, because they claim he is a spy. Adam leaves the island with his family, so they can all be safe.



The author of this book, used historical facts to make this story. For example, he used Adams fathers ship, (the Arizona) and all of the other ships, to make the story more realistic. There were also some things that the author changed too. Like when the attack came in, Adam had been trained by his dad a little bit, but he still never knew what he should do. He blamed the japenese boy for the attack, nobody that I know gives up on their own friends.


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