Neils Bohr

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Bohr's Atomic Model

Lifetime Dates

Niels Henrik David Bohr was born on;
October 7th, 1885

Awards: He won the Noble Prize in Physics, Copley Medal, Sonning Prize, and many more awards as well.
He had two siblings: Harald and Jennifer.
Had Four kids: Aage, Ernest, Hans, and Erik

And he passed away on;
November 18th, 1962

About Bohr's Atomic Model

The Bohr Model is one of the most modern of all the atoms. Electrons orbit the nucleus at a set distant. The energy's different between the initial and final orbit is emitted by the atom in bundles.
In 1913 Bohr's atomic model was introduced.

What are the Research and Experimentation done on the Bohr's Atomic Model?

The atomic theory was a combination of Rutherford work and ideas of the atom. Rutherford atomic theory was described as an atomic model focused on the nucleus with electrons going around in a circle of the nucleus in a fixed orbit. Then they had to accelerate the electrons to make them work right.