By wes

The sun

The sun was a major thing for the Aztecs .the sun would tell them what time it was or day.thats basically how the calendar was made cause of the Aztecs .


The Aztecs thought that sacrifice was a thing that you would do cause god told them they would get someone from a different place and as a sacrifice they would pull out there heart and give it to the king.

Things they used to do sacrifices

The empire

The city

The Aztecs had a big buildings.they made there empire in the forest and they would have walls around them and water and they made a that the enemy would only have one way in. They lived in mesoamerica and they liked having the woods around them cause it gave them cover.aztecs where around for from the 14th century to about the 16th century .

The skull wall

They would take the heads of the enemy and make a wall of the enemy's skulls and put it out side the walls of the empire.they did that to scare and mesmerize the enemy's that were about to attack and to tell them what would happen if they did.